Timing Of Exercise May Be Key To Successful Weight Loss

While it is common to use the words physical activity and exercise interchangeably, they do not mean the same. The term ‘physical activity’ can be used for all movements that cause energy expenditure but the term ‘exercise’ stands for a planned, structured physical activity. So, for weight management to be effective, you not only need to be physically active, but you need to exercise!

Out of all the ways to lose weight, the role of exercise cannot be underestimated. It maintains the energy balance which helps the body in its attempts to establish homeostasis.

When searching how to lose weight fast, you may need to be more consistent regarding the time of the day irrespective of the intensity to make your weight loss programme a success. Engaging in moderate-to-vigorous intensity exercise early morning has been reported to be associated with successful maintenance of weight loss. However, maintaining a specific time consistently everyday – morning, afternoon, evening, or night – is what matters.

In brief, consistency holds the key to your weight loss programs and so does Bariatric surgery or weight loss surgery that has emerged as a science for those patients who want to lose weight.

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