Spine Care at Nobesity Bariatric Surgery Support Group Meeting #33

Nutrition and exercise are the key cornerstones of post-surgery recovery and care. It is important that neither of these two is neglected to reap maximum benefits from the bariatric procedure.

The 33rd Nobesity’s support Group Meeting focused on explaining to the patients the importance of strengthening the back post-surgery and the overall importance of exercise in healthy living.

The spine is engaged in the performance of all activities – sitting, standing, walking, etc. Thus, maintaining the integrity of the spine is crucial to overall stability in body structure and posture.

Mr. Rajendra Modhiya who works with a spine surgeon shared information and tips on the type of back strengthening exercises that patients can incorporate in their recovery process.

Loss of weight also leads to loss of muscle. Staying committed to an exercise plan helps maintain lean body mass which contributes to a better metabolism, allowing you to stay on the path to a healthy post-surgery life.

While most patients start with a light exercise protocol within 2-4 weeks of their surgery, remember to consult our doctor or our team to draft an exercise plan for you. Make sure that you increase the intensity of exercises only as per the doctor’s guidance.

Remember: Patients who attend support group meetings are more likely to stick to their post-surgery regime and ensure sustained weight loss. The support group meetings at Nobesity are free of charge and open to our patients as well as patients of other surgeons. Register here for FREE to join our next support group meeting or call us Today on +91 89999 49999.