Salute to Nobesity Bariatric Nursing Team on International Nurses Day (12 May)

Our Bariatric Nurses are the indispensable support systems to both doctors and the patients at Nobesity.

On this International Nurses Day (12 May), we take a moment to thank them and appreciate their immense contribution to our patient recovery and post operative care.

Our Bariatric Nursing Team is a super specialist team in themselves.

They are specially trained to take care of special needs of Bariatric Surgery patients and their families– be it diet, supplements or boosting morale before surgery.

Before the patient is wheeled off into the operation theatre for the procedure, our nurses are known to  give a pep talk to calm down any last-minute fears.

While the surgery is in progress, on one hand  our OT nurses play a vital role in the theater, and on the other hand the ward nurses maintain contact with the family and help keep them away from needless anxieties.

After surgery, our three prime nurses who are specially trained to fulfil the post operative needs of the patients take charge.

They are the experts in helping

  • easy mobilization of the patient,
  • healthy liquid intake by advising the patients about the speed and frequency of liquids they should consume
  • breathing exercises

More often than not, when our patients visit the Center for follow-up, our nurses are the first ones to notice weight-loss and express positive remarks which helps patients as a positive reinforcement to maintain a healthy lifestyle and achieve a life time success with weight loss.

Thus our Nobesity Bariatric Nursing team that makes patients feel special and cared on their weight loss journey is our treasure and we express our gratitude once again on this International Nurses Day.