RJ Harshil Radio City, Cooking Contest and Fun at Nobesity Support Group Meeting #28

Patient Support Group Meet - Nobesity

We are a fun support group besides being India’s best and most consistent in meeting every month.

At the 28thNobesity Support Group Meeting on 25th Nov, the mood was festive and fun.

RJ Harshil, popular RJ of Ahmedabad and a fitness enthusiast himself, enthralled the audience with his energetic compering of the whole proceedings. He also shared his journey to losing substantial weight in pursuit of fitness.

Cookery and other fun contests added great fervor to the day with enthusiastic entries and prizes were won.

This support group was also an excellent opportunity for those considering bariatric surgery to meet a large number of patients who have undergone the procedure and gain confidence from their experiences.

Many success story was shared. One by the daughter of a patient how her mother lost 45 kgs in 6 months and got back on her feet leaving her wheelchair behind after many years was special.

Dr Manish Khaitan and team spent adequate time in answering questions and queries.

Remember: Patients who attend support group meetings are more likely ensure sustained weight loss. The support group meetings at Nobesity are free of charge and open to our patients as well as patients of other Bariatric centers. To register for our next support group meeting, call on +91 89999 49999