Preventing Weight Regain: Support Group Meeting # 16 Update

Preventing Weight Regain - Nobesity

Our unbroken tradition of monthly support group meetings continued this month with the 16th consecutive monthly meeting held on last Sunday 08 Oct 2017.

This last meeting saw one of the largest attendances so far.

Dr Khaitan answering patient questions

Our expert dietician Ms Ishita, alongwith Dr Manish Khaitan (Director, Nobesity) discussed the tried and tested success strategies for maintaining weight loss in the long run even after several years of surgery.

Ms Ishita advised the group on maintaining portion control without starving. Dr Khaitan shared useful tips to train the mind not to fall in the overeating trap.

Many patients shared the secrets behind their success which made the session highly interactive.

Our free-of-charge support group meetings are open to both our patients as well as those operated by other surgeons. The purpose of the meetings is to help patients stay on course for long term weight loss and enjoy a fulfilling post-surgery life.

Remember: Those who attend Support Group Meetings enjoy more sustained success in their weight loss journey than those who don’t.

Call us to register for our next meeting on Sunday 28 October 2017.

Look forward to seeing you!

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