Positive Impact of Bariatric Surgery on Kidneys: A Swedish Study Findings

Kidney Disease Risk May be Reduced with Bariatric Surgery

There is no denying the grave impact of obesity on the body.

Cardiovascular diseases, type 2 diabetes, cancer, joint pain, depression, sexual impairment etc. are only some of the risks that an obese person is susceptible to.

One of the complexities that could arise from any of these co-morbidities is chronic kidney disease, and in extreme cases kidney failure.

Many studies have established that Bariatric surgery is the most effective and sustained method for long term weight loss.
The Swedish study by the Sahlgrenska Academy took this a step further to evaluate the effect of bariatric surgery on long-term kidney function.

As a part of this study over 4000 obese subjects were monitored for a period of 20 years.

The study showed that surgery benefited even those who were suffering from extensive kidney damage before undergoing the surgery.

The surgery was successful in stemming the advancement of pre-surgery kidney issues to kidney failure, besides excess weight loss.

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