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I live such a beautiful life now, striving to be healthier every day and motivating others

Patient Success Story-Nobesity

My name is Manisha Shah and I have been overweighting most of my life. But at the age of 47 I was tipping the scales at 110 kgs. I could literally feel my body arrested by fat. That is when I decided to change my life for the better. I put my life in Dr. […]

Hina loses PCOD and 32kg Weight After Bariatric Weight-loss Surgery

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Twenty-eight year old Hina had been struggling with PCOD (Poly Cystic Ovarian Disease) for 10 years. At 85 kg weight and 5 feet 3 inches height, her BMI was 33.2, which is considered obese. Hina knew that losing weight was the solution. But, it was easier said than done. PCOD is a condition in women […]

76 Year Old Mr Joshi Maintains 75 kg Weight-loss, Seven Years After Bariatric Surgery

Dr Manish Khaitan with bariatric patient

Mr M K Joshi’s weight had reached 151kg in 2011, steadily climbing since the late 1990s. Mobility had become difficult, even to carry out daily tasks. In December 2011, Mr. Joshi’s physician gave him an ultimatum –he would be gone in six months if he didn’t do something about his weight immediately. For the next […]

Hiten Runs 10km Marathon After Life Changing Weightloss (Bariatric) Surgery

Before & After Bariatric Surgery

With his weight at an all time high of 162 kg, it was time for Hiten Raikundaliya to take one hard look in the mirror and face the facts – he had to take action, now. Hiten was a foodie. “I thought life was good with delicious food from pizzas to pakoras to desserts…one unlimited […]

120 kg to 58 kg: Success story shared by the young lady in support group meeting

144 kg to 75 kg: Success story shared by the lady with support group members

108 kg to 72kg: Success Story of a Working Professional

This Dubai Couple lost 55kg and 35kg weight and their Diabetes too!

This gentleman not only lost weight, but also total resolution from Diabetes, Cholesterol Problems and Sleep Apnea.

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