Pre And Post Guidelines Of Surgery

Before Surgery:

After you have been counseled regarding the surgery, you will have to undergo a series of blood and radiological investigations.

If all the reports are within normal range then you can get admitted day prior to the date of surgery or on the date you want to get your surgery done. If there is any deviation from normal or you have any disease that needs treatment before surgery then we might ask you to get admitted and then optimize you for surgery.

You can have normal light diet on the day prior to the date of surgery.

After surgery:

You will be made to walk as much as you can after 3-4 HOURS of surgery.

Oral liquids will be started 8 hours after surgery if you are comfortable or if the doctor finds everything normal or it might be started on the next day of surgery.

You will be mostly discharged on 2nd or 3rd day of surgery.

If you are an international patient we will advise you to stay for a week in India and preferably Ahmedabad.

After getting discharged you will receive daily calls from our side and we will address all your problem if any 24 x 7.