Life After Bariatric Surgery: Tips Discussed at Nobesity Support Group Meeting #34

Your bariatric surgery is done and you are speeding up the weight loss journey.

However, there will be speed breakers, sharp turns and surprise climbs along the way.

If your navigator is on, the journey will be smooth with no surprises. You will reach your destination smiling. If not, then the road may look scary.

This was the essence of Dr Manish Khaitan’s special lecture at our 34th bariatric support group meeting last Sunday, attended by more than 100 patients.

Patients who have successfully traveled this road too attended and shared their invaluable experience.

One key adjustment for patients after surgery is to eat differently.

The new stomach is only 50 to 80 ml in size where as it was probably 2 liters before surgery. But, you feel full and satisfied with just 50ml of food now. No need to over-stuff. But your mind needs to be trained by you to understand this fact and help it overcome old habits.

Craving is another challenge along the way.

Did you know that you crave more when you don’t sweat i.e. when you don’t exercise?

Simple exercises like walking, having plenty of water through out the day and frequently eating small portions of healthy food can magically stop your craving and put you on top gear for a life time success.

Dr Khaitan also explained that successful weight loss after surgery results in some hormonal changes, contributing to temporary hair loss in a few patients in the immediate months after surgery.  Some patients may also notice that their hair begins to thin or its texture becomes coarse.

Not to worry! This hair loss is temporary and can be addressed by making some changes in the diet.

Dr Khaitan also addressed other common questions such as chances of skin loosening, mood swings etc after surgery.

The program ended with a lively interaction between the audience, Dr Manish Khaitan (Bariatric surgeon) and Team Nobesity which included our expert psychologist, dietitians and counselors.  Overall it was a fantastic meeting as usual with full house participation by our highly engaged post bariatric patient community which is considered the best in India.

Remember: It has been proven by reputed studies that patients who attend support group meetings are able to stick to their post-surgery regime and ensure sustained loss. The support group meetings at Nobesity are held once every month, usually on last Sunday of the month. They are free of charge and open to both our patients as well as patients of other surgeons. Register here for FREE to join our next support group meeting or call us Today on +91 89999 49999.