Indian Diet plan for Type-II Diabetes patients and How Bariatric Surgery can completely reverse type 2 diabetes

Diabetes Meal Plan - Nobesity

Diabetes is a ticking time bomb, that can explode unexpectedly at any moment – today, tomorrow, next year, or 10 years later.

And, in the meantime as it ticks along, it destroys the diabetic’s life bit by bit.

Fluctuations in blood sugar is only one symptom of diabetes.

Several comorbidities are linked to this dreaded disease, which include cardiovascular diseases, kidney failure, peripheral nerve issues like tingling and numbness, coordination and body balance issues, higher risk of bacterial and fungal infections, gangrene in limbs, gastropathy, sexual dysfunctions, gum and teeth problems, etc.

As per the data collected by the World Health Organization, bariatric surgery is the only scientifically proven treatment that has had success in resolving type 2 diabetes.

Blood sugar levels showed significant improvement post-surgery. Patients were able to reduce and in many cases get off diabetes medication, even before considerable weight loss had started.

At the Nobesity Centre of Excellence for Bariatric and Metabolic Surgery, we found that obese patients who underwent Roux-En-Y gastric bypass surgery were free from diabetes a few months post-surgery.

In 2017, 56 out of 68 diabetic patients who were operated on at Nobesity were able to put their diabetes into remission. The remaining moved to a much lower dose of medication.

In 2018, 59 out of the 63 who were operated on, managed to get off their diabetes medication completely and the others saw a reduction in their medication dosage.

At Nobesity a multidisciplinary approach is adopted to achieve not just weight loss but also relief from associated comorbidities. Our goal is to help our patients lead a disease-free, healthy and fulfilling life.

The dietitians at Nobesity recommend the following meal plan for individuals with diabetes. This plan is designed to help keep patients control their sugar levels and manage their diabetes.

However, Bariatric Surgery offers total reversal of type 2 diabetes in most patients as discussed above.

6:30 amLemon juice (sugar free) + 4-5 almonds + 2-3 walnuts + 3 pistaWater + diabetic protein powder (50 gms)
walk / gymwalk / gym
7:30 am1 veg paneer stuffed roti + green chutney / veg Dalia upma / veg oats upma – 1 katori / 1 small multigrain bread with 1 egg white omelette2 idli sambhar / veg upma + green chutney / 1 toast with egg white bhurji
10:00 amskimmed milk – without sugar (200ml)fruit (50-100 gms) (restrict banana /chickoo /sitaphal / mango / grapes)
12:30 pm – 1:00 pm2 plain roti / 1/2 katori rice + 1 plain roti + dal / pulses / kadhi – 1 katori + vegetables – 1 katori (avoid potato, sweet potatoes, yam, beetroot) + salad / kachumber + 1 katori curdcurd + rice 11/2 katori / 2 rotis + dal / pulses / rasam 1 katori + vegetables – 1 katori (avoid potato, sweet potatoes, yam, beetroot) + salad / raita
4:00 pmTea – 1 cup (sugar free – 50 ml skimmed milk) + dry bhel (no sev) / moong khakhra 1Tea – 1 cup (sugar free – 50 ml skimmed milk) + roasted channa with some puffed rice – 1 katori
5:30 pmbuttermilk (curd – 150gms)buttermilk (curd – 150gms)
6:30 pmfruit (50-100 gms) (restrict banana /chickoo /sitaphal / mango / grapes)lemon juice (without sugar) – 1 glass
walkwalk / gym
8:30 pm1 jowar / multigrain roti / veg khichadi (less rice) + veg 1 katori + dal / pulses / 1 medium piece fish / chicken2 small dosa sambhar plain / brown rice + dal + veg / 1 medium piece fish / chicken
10:00 pmskimmed milk – without sugar (200ml)skimmed milk – without sugar (200ml)
NOTES :oil / ghee – 1 tbsp = 15 ml /day / personoil / ghee – 1 tbsp = 15 ml /day / person
no sugar / jaggery / honey – use sugar freeno sugar / jaggery / honey – use sugar free
make roti / chapati with lemon size ball of attamake roti / chapati with lemon size ball of atta