How to Defeat Emotional Eating: Nobesity Support Group Meeting # 13 Update

How to Defeat Emotional Energy - Nobesity

We had our 13th Support Group Meeting with close to 100 patients participating last Sunday on 17 June.

Our theme this time was to learn easy-to-apply tips and tricks to win over emotional eating. Many of us develop an unhealthy relationship with food which grows into an overeating addiction. People with this addiction eat because they are happy, and eat because they are sad. Our subconscious mind finds excuses and pushes us to eat for every reason as if food is the only solution for all pains and pleasures.

Renowned Psychologist Dr Rupal Talpade was the guest speaker this time. She conducted a very engaging session on Emotional Eating:

We discussed about

    • NUTS: 4 most common triggers of stress: Novelty, Unpredictability, Threat to Ego, and  Sense of Control
    • What is a Good stress and Bad stress
    • External and Internal Sources of Stress
    • Food addiction symptoms: Physical, Emotional, Social and Spiritual symptoms
    • Most effective anti-depressant that is available free-of-cost to everyone!
    • Strategies to combat Food Addiction: Problem focused and Emotion focused

Our meetings are vibrant and interactive. Questions were answered by Dr Rupal Talpade, the guest speaker and Dr Manish Khaitan, Director Nobesity.

Never miss our support group meetings: Next meeting on Sunday 2 July 2017. Call us for registration. Look forward to see you!

Nobesity, the most rewarded and the best Bariatric program in South East Asia as recognised by external jury, runs regular support group meetings to help patients sustain the magical weight loss achieved through Bariatric Surgery for life.

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