Hiten Runs 10km Marathon After Life Changing Weightloss (Bariatric) Surgery

Before & After Bariatric Surgery

With his weight at an all time high of 162 kg, it was time for Hiten Raikundaliya to take one hard look in the mirror and face the facts – he had to take action, now.

Hiten was a foodie. “I thought life was good with delicious food from pizzas to pakoras to desserts…one unlimited buffet to another,” he recollects.

He would pledge to lose excess weight through different diet regimes or exercise protocols. “But, the fragrance of my favorite food would always win and I would go back to eating unhealthy,” he says.

It was around this time that he consulted Nobesity where he learnt that obesity is a mulch-factorial disease governed more by genes and hormones rather than just by lack of willpower or food habits of the patient.

On 3rd May 2018, Hiten underwent laparoscopic gastric bypass bariatric surgery performed by Dr Manish Khaitan and team.

He was discharged within 48 hours because keyhole surgery has no painful recovery or long hospital stays.

Post-surgery, he incorporated the dietary recommendations suggested at Nobesity and began exercising every single day.

Gradually, his weight came down from 162 KG to 95 KG.  A loss of 62 KG of excess weight!

On 25th November 2018, about 7 months after his surgery, Hiten achieved an incredible milestone in his transformational journey.

He ran his first 10km marathon and much to his delight he completed it in just over 91 minutes!!

For Hiten the marathon was not simply a run. It was a life-changing leap to a healthier and fitter self.

Hiten credits Dr Manish Khaitan and team Nobesity for the continuous guidance and support which helped him stay on track to chase his target.

Team Nobesity is very proud and delighted about Hiten’s achievement!

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Hiten’s Marathon Timing