Healthy Mothers…Happy Children!

There’s a popular saying – God could not be everywhere, and therefore he made mothers.
Mothers always put their children and their families before themselves.
They cater to all their needs even at
the cost of neglecting their own health.
New mothers often struggle to lose their post-pregnancy weight and pile on more kilos in the months that follow.
Their focus at the time is on the new arrival leaving them no time to focus on their nutrition and exercise.
With time, the additional weight developing into obesity in many mothers can lead to serious complications such as thyroid, diabetes, arthritis, cardiac issues, hormonal problems, to name a few.
One tires more easily and feels low on energy.
Additionally, the mental stigma of being overweight can lead to depression, anxiety and other psychological issues.
For mothers suffering from obesity and not losing weight with diet and exercise alone, Bariatric Weight Loss Surgery could be an effective way, not only to lose weight but also to sustain life-time  weight loss with certain lifestyle modifications.
At Nobesity, our focus is on selecting the procedure that is appropriate for each case and then hand-holding the patient through the procedure.
Minimal hospitalisation and a pain-free and short recovery ensure that the mothers are back on their feet at their earliest, tending to their young ones and families.
The weight loss achieved through bariatric surgery leads to increased energy levels and more stamina to chase after the little ones.
Our post-surgery follow-ups and lifelong free of charge monthly support group meetings help sustain weight loss achieved through surgery for a life time.
On this Mother’s Day, we invite mothers to turn the spotlight on themselves to be able to serve their families like the champions that they always were.