Exercise for Happiness : Support Group Meeting # 17 Update

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Physical exercise makes you happy. Its a scientifically validated fact.

Endorphin secreted in your brain after a work out session is a key reason for this. This feeling is addictive too. Researchers have found that once people get addicted in a good way to post exercise endorphin addiction, its easier for them to stick to exercise regimen without feeling like its a regimen!

Q & A with Dr. Kahitan

In our 17th consecutive monthly support group meeting held on last Sunday 29 Oct 2017, we thought of help our patients experience this endorphin rush first hand.

Along with expert team of exercise coaches, our new and old patients immersed totally into a fun filled easy physical exercises.

Dr Manish Khaitan (Director, Nobesity) discussed the tried and tested success strategies for maintaining weight loss in the long run even after several years of surgery.

We also had some of our old patients share secrets behind their success.

Our free-of-charge support group meetings are open to both our patients as well as those operated by other surgeons. The purpose of the meetings is to help patients stay on course for long term weight loss and enjoy a fulfilling post-surgery life.

Remember: Those who attend Support Group Meetings enjoy more sustained success in their weight loss journey than those who don’t.

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