Eat Well Eat Heathy: Nobesity Support Group Meeting # 12

Eat Well & Eat Healthy - Nobesity

Our team was proud and excited about conducting 12th consecutive monthly support group meeting on Sunday 30 April 2017.

Consistency of staying engaged and enthusastic participation of all patients every month makes us one of the best Support Group Programs.

Our support group meetings are open not only to our patients but also to those operated by other surgeons. The meetings are meant for helping patients to stay on course for long term weight loss and happy post-surgery life.

EAT WELL, EAT HEALTHY was the theme of our meeting this time.

We discussed about

  • How to resolve common complaints after bariatric surgery by eating right,
  • Mood elevator food items
  • Importance of protein and there sources
  • Sources of vitamins and minerals
  • Importance of common dietary products available around us and how to benefit from them

Our meetings are vibrant and interactive. Questions were answered by Ms Ishita Kanuga, Dietician Nobesity and Dr Manish Khiatan, Director Nobesity.

Our next meeting is on Sunday 28 May 2017. Call us for registration. Look forward to see you!

Dr Manish Khaitan Director Nobesity Ms Ishita Kanuga Chief Dietician Nobesity