Celebrating 1 year of Nobesity & KD Hospital association

1 year association of Nobesity celebrates its joining with KD Hospital on 24th of August, 2019. When we joined, we were apprehensive as it happens for anyone getting into a new place and system. It has been a wonderful journey with a great helping attitude from KD management. We are really thankful to KD team and team Nobesity for becoming the no.1 Bariatric centre of Gujarat, sustainably since last 6 months.

Any problem was never a problem when it comes to find a solution for KD Hospital management especially Dr. Adit Desai. It has been a very wonderful association and experience and hope it continues forever. We as a team are indebted and thankful from the bottom of our heart to anybody and everybody who has walked along with us to the vision of success. Also, tons of thanks to our patients who has reposed double faith in us even with a change of venue. Thus, keeping the flag of Nobesity flying high.