Nobesity had organized its 40th Support Group Meet at KD Hospital, Ahmedabad on 29th December 2019.

The support Group is an initiative by Nobesity to keep people updated and informed on Health and Fitness front.
During support group meet the speakers focused on wide range of topics relating to healthy lifestyle.

This support group meet had Dr. Prerak Shah as celebrity speaker who covered a wide range of topics on Ayurvedic Home remedies for gas, bloating, constipation, weak digestion, hairfall, migraine, sinus, disturbed sleep and skin loosening.

In addition to the lecture a food competition was also organised, where our former patients prepared delicious dishes and healthy food.

A prize distribution ceremony was also held at the end of the meet and the best 3 participants were selected and given attractive prizes.

Anti-Obesity Day

On Anti-Obesity Day, IIM Ahmedabad’s Healthcare Club Panacea organized a unique one-of-its-kind Anti-Obesity and Fitness Conclave for #IndiaFightsObesity movement. The event was motivated by PM Modi’s #FitIndiaMovement were the best of minds gathered to deliberate on how society needs to stop stigmatizing Obesity and treating it as a behavioral abnormality.

Nobesity drives a mission for FIT INDIA and HEALTHY INDIA. It was surely incredible respect for honoring CEO NObesity Dr. Manish Khaitan, along with other board individuals for a panel discussion on a vision to attain fitness. The whole team of NOBESITY assembled for the discussion along with a few of our post-surgery patients to share their experience of their fitness journey.

Any disease is detrimental to a patient’s quality of life. NCDs (non-communicable diseases) even more so. Obesity is a chronic disease similar to diabetes and not only leads to medication but also hampers both the mental and physical quality of life. Our focus should be on long term cure and anticipation.
Nobesity is one of the most experienced Bariatric Center of Excellence in India with more than 4000 successful Bariatric weight loss surgeries performed so far.

If there’s ever a time to unite against the evils of obesity, it’s now. Take the Chance. Halt the Rise. Support those who Suffer from the right help. Standup today for a healthier tomorrow, help India fight Obesity. Pledge to stay fit, be a part of the Fit India movement.

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Health and Fitness is the most prominent aspect of our lives. There is nothing more crucial than a healthy and fit body and mind.
Nobesity goes forward with a holistic approach towards the mental and physical well being of their patients.
It was one of the highest attendants’ support group ever with more than 200 patients actively participating.
It was a surprise for Nobesity to know that the patients who were attending the support group had absolutely no complications post-surgery. THIS IS AN ACHIEVEMENT.
Nobesity strongly believes that the support group is the strongest medium to approach your patients to teach them about their new life and how to handle their emotions towards health and physical activity.
In the legacy of speakers Nobesity invited Ms. Kajal Oza Vaidya, a prominent motivational speaker/actress/screenwriter/author to speak about her experiences towards fitness and mental challenges, she faced to achieve the same.
She spoke well as always and the audience was thrilled by two-way interaction with her.
Lesson learned,
In most of the patients remain healthy due to robust follow up done by Nobesity and organizing regular support group as like hitting the Bull’s eye for their complete fitness.
We want to send a message to all our patients, please do attend Support Groups as they give you a complete insight of your health issues related to your transformed “NEW YOU”. It is more to do with your own psychology rather than any surgery. Wait for our 40th Support group announcement and hope you all attend it in large numbers to make your life more healthy, more happy, more Fit and more enlightened.



Nobesity Organized 38th Support Group at KD Hospitals, Ahmedabad. Support Group is an initiative by Nobesity to keep people inform on healthy eating habits, guide to maintain proper weight and curb obesity
With the Festival of Lights just around the corner, the topic of discussion on this support group meet was Healthy Snacks for Diwali and Travelling Diet for Diwali, which was delivered by Well-Know Chef, Food Consultant & Philanthropist Hina Gautam and the event saw an overwhelming response with more than 150 people attending our Support Group Meet

37th support group organized by Nobesity at KD hospital


At our 37th support group, organized by Nobesity at KD hospital, It was a wonderful to have SHARAN India group with us, where they explained, importance of Vegan diet (plant based diet) and how it can be made as tasty as normal diet and helps to resolve many complex problems like irritable bowel syndrome, chronic constipation, etc. Also demonstrated some interesting oil free and dairy free recipes with substitutes of oil, sugar & dairy products. In spite of festive season there were 150 + audience which is a great success for team nobesity. At Nobesity we always strive to educate people about healthy life style.

Remember Patients who attend our support group meetings regularly are more likely to stick to their post-surgery regime and ensure sustained weight loss.

Celebrating 1 year of Nobesity & KD Hospital association

1 year association of Nobesity celebrates its joining with KD Hospital on 24th of August, 2019. When we joined, we were apprehensive as it happens for anyone getting into a new place and system. It has been a wonderful journey with a great helping attitude from KD management. We are really thankful to KD team and team Nobesity for becoming the no.1 Bariatric centre of Gujarat, sustainably since last 6 months.

Any problem was never a problem when it comes to find a solution for KD Hospital management especially Dr. Adit Desai. It has been a very wonderful association and experience and hope it continues forever. We as a team are indebted and thankful from the bottom of our heart to anybody and everybody who has walked along with us to the vision of success. Also, tons of thanks to our patients who has reposed double faith in us even with a change of venue. Thus, keeping the flag of Nobesity flying high.

36th support group was conducted at KD hospital, Ahmedabad on 28th July


36th support group was conducted at KD hospital, Ahmedabad on 28th July.

One more successfully organised meet by Team NOBESITY, 150 + patients took advantage. Ms. Ameeta Parekh delivered a lecture about connection of Mind with body, by balancing all 7 chakras. We taught our patients the importance of control of mind to control emotions and to achieve maximum weight loss.”

Record-breaking 55 Bariatric Surgeries in May

Fifty-five! Yes, you heard it right!

55 bariatric surgeries in the month of May broke all our previous monthly records.

“It’s dream come true, while patients’ safety and world-class outcomes will always remain our topmost priorities” said Dr Manish Khaitan, Bariatric Surgeon, Director, Nobesity in response to this significant achievement.

True to his words, Nobesity stands tall under the surveillance and support of Gujarat’s best bariatric team of surgeons, physicians, dietitians, counselors and psychologist.

Our greatest satisfaction is to see patients leave behind their baggage of obesity and and cross over the limitations laid down by the heavy weight and its co-morbidities, triggered by unhealthy lifestyle and genetic makeup.

We are also India’s first and only bariatric center who provide a life-time support to all our patients, free-of-charge.

Our support group meetings consistently held on last Sunday of every month attract over 100 post surgery patients every time who motivate one-another for a life-long success in maintaining weight-loss and a disease free life. We are a community that stays together to spread health and happiness.

Due to its proficiency in surgery and for enabling a lasting support system for post-surgery patients, Nobesity indeed is recognized as India’s most awarded bariatric center.

After serving 55 patients in May and achieving many commendable milestones on our journey with your support and best wishes, team Nobesity now looks forward to more of such inspiring goals to serve more patients better.

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Healthy Mothers…Happy Children!

There’s a popular saying – God could not be everywhere, and therefore he made mothers.
Mothers always put their children and their families before themselves.
They cater to all their needs even at
the cost of neglecting their own health.
New mothers often struggle to lose their post-pregnancy weight and pile on more kilos in the months that follow.
Their focus at the time is on the new arrival leaving them no time to focus on their nutrition and exercise.
With time, the additional weight developing into obesity in many mothers can lead to serious complications such as thyroid, diabetes, arthritis, cardiac issues, hormonal problems, to name a few.
One tires more easily and feels low on energy.
Additionally, the mental stigma of being overweight can lead to depression, anxiety and other psychological issues.
For mothers suffering from obesity and not losing weight with diet and exercise alone, Bariatric Weight Loss Surgery could be an effective way, not only to lose weight but also to sustain life-time  weight loss with certain lifestyle modifications.
At Nobesity, our focus is on selecting the procedure that is appropriate for each case and then hand-holding the patient through the procedure.
Minimal hospitalisation and a pain-free and short recovery ensure that the mothers are back on their feet at their earliest, tending to their young ones and families.
The weight loss achieved through bariatric surgery leads to increased energy levels and more stamina to chase after the little ones.
Our post-surgery follow-ups and lifelong free of charge monthly support group meetings help sustain weight loss achieved through surgery for a life time.
On this Mother’s Day, we invite mothers to turn the spotlight on themselves to be able to serve their families like the champions that they always were.

Dr Manish Khaitan, Director, Nobesity Honored as Times of India White Coat Wizard of Gujarat in Bariatric Surgery

It was a moment of great pride for Nobesity to have our Director, Dr Manish Khaitan feature in an exclusive coffee table book by Times of India titled ‘White Coat Wizards – Medical Pioneers’ in recognition of his ground-breaking work in the field of bariatric surgery.

Life stories of some of the most eminent medical practitioners of Gujarat are featured in the book.

The book was launched by the Times of India Group in the presence of an esteemed panel which included Dr. J.N. Singh, Chief Secretary of Gujarat Government, Dr. Ketan Desai, ex-President of World Medical Association, and renowned film personality Ms Soha Ali Khan.

An audio visual presentation showcased Dr Manish Khaitan’s journey in the field and highlighted his achievements so far. This was followed by a felicitation where he was presented with a certificate and a copy of the book.

The coffee table book and the grand launch were an ideal way to convey our society’s appreciation for the hard-work and dedication of the doctors. Kudos to all the White Coat Wizards from Nobesity!