World Health Day 7 April – Nobesity Bariatrics Center

World Health Day 7 April - Nobesity Bariatric Surgery Center

This World Health Day on 7 April, let us pledge to protect ourselves from health hazards and financial hardships:   2019 theme of World Health Day is to prevent people from health hazards and financial hardships.   80% of Indians pay out of pocket for healthcare which can lead to catastrophic health expenditures and families […]

Indian Diet plan for Type-II Diabetes patients and How Bariatric Surgery can completely reverse type 2 diabetes

Diabetes is a ticking time bomb, that can explode unexpectedly at any moment – today, tomorrow, next year, or 10 years later. And, in the meantime as it ticks along, it destroys the diabetic’s life bit by bit. Fluctuations in blood sugar is only one symptom of diabetes. Several comorbidities are linked to this dreaded […]

Should I or Shouldn’t I? The Big Question Before Bariatric Surgery

This dilemma is faced by many before the decision to opt for bariatric surgery. It is common for the mind to be flooded with doubts – Do I need it? Isn’t it better to try diet and exercise one more time? Is it worth the expense? What if something goes wrong? And so on. The […]

Sleep Well to Beat Obesity

If nutrition and exercise are regarded as the two key elements of effective weight management, the third key factor is sleep, whose role is often ignored. Short sleep results in increased craving for high sugar and processed foods. It also causes lethargy and thus decreased expenditure of energy. Interestingly, average number of sleep hours among […]

Positive Impact of Bariatric Surgery on Kidneys: A Swedish Study Findings

There is no denying the grave impact of obesity on the body. Cardiovascular diseases, type 2 diabetes, cancer, joint pain, depression, sexual impairment etc. are only some of the risks that an obese person is susceptible to. One of the complexities that could arise from any of these co-morbidities is chronic kidney disease, and in […]