Diabetes and Obesity

Obesity can put you at risk of many health problems including diabetes, Knee pains, heart disease, and certain cancers. The burden of diabetes is rapidly increasing in India and across the globe, with India contributing a major part of the global burden. In India alone, it is estimated that more than 1·3 billion people are […]

Does Weather Affect Diabetes?

I knew that many variables, such as stress, may affect blood sugar, but I was curious to find out if something as the weather could truly affect diabetes. And if others living with diabetes – need to take temperature and humidity into account? The answer is yes. Both humidity and extreme hot or cold temperatures […]

How to boost your metabolism

To boost metabolism, one need to burn calories from the body. How fast this process goes depends on a lot of things like gender, genes or age. As people grow older over the age of 40, their metabolism rate gets slow. However, some ways can help in improving metabolism: The more muscle you have, the […]

Timing Of Exercise May Be Key To Successful Weight Loss

While it is common to use the words physical activity and exercise interchangeably, they do not mean the same. The term ‘physical activity’ can be used for all movements that cause energy expenditure but the term ‘exercise’ stands for a planned, structured physical activity. So, for weight management to be effective, you not only need […]

This Independence Day Pledge To Be Free From Obesity

Happy Independence Day

As we celebrate the independence of our motherland, we need to acknowledge that independence is about conquering anything that dominates you, breaks you, or hinders your journey to perfection. Obesity not only makes you physically dependent on others but also dominates your mind, breaks you emotionally, and hinders your mental growth. I makes you feel […]