Immunity – Your Personal Army

From the Diary of Dr Manish Khaitan - Nobesity

These are testing times for our civilization with no extraordinary improvement expected in the foreseeable future. My heart goes out to all the affected individuals by the recent events occurring globally. Being a father, a husband, a son, a grandson, I am petrified for the safety of my family. In these tough times the only […]

Frontline Warriors In a Health Crisis – Dr. Manish Khaitan

Doctor Diary - Best Bariatric Surgeon in India

When you are working on a health front, it sometimes is equal to a war zone. I remember the day of 26 January 2001. It was a holiday and my emergency duty was there as per roster. Usually emergencies are less on a holiday. I was at home with my wife and a 4 month […]

Bariatric Success Story – A journey to obesity free life

Bariatric Success Story

Oppressed by Obesity!  Weighed down with weight, not just on his knees and legs but also on his mind and confidence. A victim of culturally induced lifestyle, lack of knowledge and genetic makeup. Shaivil Shah now stands as a victorious man in the battle he fought against obesity along with an army of armoured surgeons, dietician […]


Obesity a Key Risk Factor of Coronavirus @Nobesity

Spread of coronavirus has sent waves of panic and uncertainty across the globe with countries under lockdown, people confined in their homes, economies on decline and many in despair.  With our health care workers and government taking all possible measures to contain the virus and restore normalcy, at individual level it is important for us […]

War Against the Virus- Dr. Manish Khaitan

From the Diary of a Surgeon @Nobesity

Completed my MBBS in 90’s and started with my MS in general surgery. I was a young medical student with a lot of enthusiasm, excited about doing my post-graduation. Always thought my days ahead trying, working hard, learning surgery, saving lives. My first day, in the wards, it was an emergency day for us. I […]