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Record-breaking 55 Bariatric Surgeries in May

Fifty-five! Yes, you heard it right! 55 bariatric surgeries in the month of May broke all our previous monthly records. “It’s dream come true, while patients’ safety and world-class outcomes will always remain our topmost priorities” said Dr Manish Khaitan, Bariatric Surgeon, Director, Nobesity in response to this significant achievement. True to his words, Nobesity […]

Healthy Mothers…Happy Children!

There’s a popular saying – God could not be everywhere, and therefore he made mothers. Mothers always put their children and their families before themselves. They cater to all their needs even at the cost of neglecting their own health. New mothers often struggle to lose their post-pregnancy weight and pile on more kilos in […]

Salute to Nobesity Bariatric Nursing Team on International Nurses Day (12 May)

Our Bariatric Nurses are the indispensable support systems to both doctors and the patients at Nobesity. On this International Nurses Day (12 May), we take a moment to thank them and appreciate their immense contribution to our patient recovery and post operative care. Our Bariatric Nursing Team is a super specialist team in themselves. They are specially trained to take care of special needs […]

Spine Care at Nobesity Bariatric Surgery Support Group Meeting #33

Nutrition and exercise are the key cornerstones of post-surgery recovery and care. It is important that neither of these two is neglected to reap maximum benefits from the bariatric procedure. The 33rd Nobesity’s support Group Meeting focused on explaining to the patients the importance of strengthening the back post-surgery and the overall importance of exercise […]

Manage Emotions to Manage Weight: Nobesity Bariatric Surgery Support Group Meeting #32

Obesity comes with significant emotional and psychological stress. Bariatric surgery, by enabling sustained weight loss, corrects most negative emotions harbored by patients for lifetime such as depression, low confidence and low self esteem due to obesity. However, some patients after Bariatric surgery too may feel a different type of emotional stress as they disassociate themselves […]

Putting Protein in Diet at Nobesity Support Group Meeting #31

The right nutrition is a key aspect of post-surgery care for every bariatric patient. And, protein is the cornerstone of a well-balanced and healthy diet. It forms the building blocks of muscle and helps keep one satiated for a long period. The 31st Nobesity Support Group Meeting on 3rd March was devoted to incorporating the […]