Acupressure for Gas, Indigestion and Constipation: Guest Lecture at Nobesity Support Group Meeting #26 on Sunday 30 Sept 2018 by Dr Bhargavi Ben, Expert Acupressure Practitioner.

Patient Support Group

It is our pleasure being committed to conducting regular support group meetings and bringing experts from multiple disciplines to enrich the post bariatric surgery life of our patients.

By the way you may be aware that we welcome patients who underwent surgery at other centers too, for our monthly support group meetings which is a life-long free of cost support service from us.

In our 26th such meeting last Sunday, it was an honor and privilege to have Ms Bhargavi Ben, eminent acupressure expert of Ahmedabad as our guest speaker.

Dr Bhargavi Ben explained that acupressure, with its roots in Chinese traditional therapy, promotes wellness without needles compared to acupuncture.

It believes that there are 12 channels or meridians in our body through which life energy flows. These meridians also connect our body organs and establish a system of communication between them.

According to this theory, when some blockage in any of these invisible meridians develops or energy balance is lost, a disease or a medical condition also develops.

Certain acupressure points lie along these meridians and when practitioners apply pressure on these points, the blockage gets removed or balance is restored, thereby relieving the body of its disease or the condition.

Dr Bhargavi also demonstrated acupressure on volunteering audience members and explained how the benefits of acupressure may be leveraged if acidity, indigestion or constipation is experienced by patients after bariatric surgery.

The session was interactive and audience questions were answered by both Dr Bhargavi Ben and Dr Manish Khaitan, Director Nobesity.

Remember: Patients who attend support group meetings are able to stick to their post-surgery regime and ensure sustained weight loss. The support group meetings at Nobesity are free of charge and open to both our patients as well as patients of other surgeons. To register to our next support group meeting, call on +91 89999 49999