A New Journey Of My Life

I am 40 years old male. Due to my faulty eating patterns I reached to 210 kgs. in last 8-10 years & was unable to walk, facing difficulty in doing day to day work, unable to play sports etc., though I was very good sportsman earlier.

Finally, I decided to undergo a weight loss surgery & I underwent weight loss surgery 1.5 years back at Nobesity Bariatric Clinic, Ahmedabad & I have lost 100 kgs in just 1 year after surgery.

Thanks to the Surgeon, Dr. Manish Khaitan & Team Nobesity for their continuous support & guidance for diet, exercise & lifestyle modifications after surgery, which is a crucial part of weight loss surgery.

It’s such a great thing that now I can do my routine activities with ease & can also play sports.

This is a new journey of my life now.