76 Year Old Mr Joshi Maintains 75 kg Weight-loss, Seven Years After Bariatric Surgery

Mr M K Joshi’s weight had reached 151kg in 2011, steadily climbing since the late 1990s.

Mobility had become difficult, even to carry out daily tasks.

In December 2011, Mr. Joshi’s physician gave him an ultimatum –he would be gone in six months if he didn’t do something about his weight immediately.

For the next few days and nights his doctor’s words rang in his ears non-stop.

One morning he woke up with his mind made up. He took his son into confidence and together they took off for the Nobesity clinic in Ahmedabad, a distance of more than 200 km from his hometown in Rajasthan.

“The weight gain was not because of any medical issues. As a development officer for LIC I led a sedentary life; I traveled by a two-wheeler or a four-wheeler and did desk-work for the rest of the time. Also, I loved sweets and fried foods. Could not stop myself from eating them,” Mr. Joshi recalls.

Bariatric Weight-loss Patient Success story after surgery - Nobesity India

Before Bariatric Weight-Loss Surgery 151 KG and After 75 KG

On 22nd December, 2011, Mr. Joshi underwent laparoscopic (keyhole) gastric bypass, a type of bariatric surgery.

At 68 years of age, it was a brave decision but his resolve to lead a healthy life and the support by Dr. Manish Khaitan and the Nobesity team, made the decision easier.

There was a little speed-bump in his success story.

After the initial loss, Mr Joshi’s  weight climbed up and touched 90kg. But, he got serious about his exercise and brought it backdown to 75kg, and has now maintained it around that mark.

Today, a little over 7 years after his surgery, his ever-present smile has only become wider. He is able to walk long distances and is often seen zipping around his town on his scooter.

He has one regret, “I wish that I had taken the decision for surgery sooner, I would not have lost out on the golden years of my life. If you are obese and have failed to lose weight through other means, don’t delay the decision to undergo bariatric surgery.”  Says an emphatic Mr Joshi to whom now the age is just a number.

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