Bariatric Patient’s Support Group

Patient support groups help those considering surgery to get first-hand perspectives from the patients who have already undergone Bariatric surgery. Participation after surgery in support groups help patients maintain excellent weight loss, with access to group’s experience and of course, make new friends.

We facilitate one of the largest Bariatric Patient Support Group in India at Nobesity which is also the most vibrant group!

Not only our Support Group Program is a free monthly meeting open to all of our patients before and after weight loss surgery; but also open for patients operated by other surgeons!

Discussions of different topics each month are related to diet and lifestyle adjustments before and after weight loss surgery, remaining fit forever etc. Please feel free to bring other interested persons and your family member with you to support group.

Our Support Groups are held on Last Sunday of every month at our Nobesity Center at KD Hospital, Ahmedabad.

You may please register yourselves with us in advance for attending these meetings free of charge.

Support Group Program Updates

Quiz with RJ Harshil RadioCity @ Nobesity Bariatric Surgery Support Group Meeting #30

Popular RJ Harshil RadioCity conducted the Bariatric Quiz that was filled with energy and enthusiasm at our 30th support group meeting last Sunday. Exciting prizes were won by 10 participants. Fun as you learn is the real purpose of such contests, for making healthy lifestyle a strong habit in post Bariatric Surgery patients to achieve […]

Detox Diet and other Healthy Recipes at Nobesity Support Group Meeting #29

Celebrity chef Ms Hina Gautam is not new to Nobesity support group. Detox diet menus. Breakfast blends, Probiotic drinks, Energizing smoothies. And cleansing diet were the focus of discussion at the 29thNobesity Support Group Meeting on 30th Dec. Ms Hina Gautam shared many recipes and tips to help optimizing diet and sustaining weight-loss naturally. Nobesity […]

RJ Harshil Radio City, Cooking Contest and Fun at Nobesity Support Group Meeting #28

We are a fun support group besides being India’s best and most consistent in meeting every month. At the 28thNobesity Support Group Meeting on 25th Nov, the mood was festive and fun. RJ Harshil, popular RJ of Ahmedabad and a fitness enthusiast himself, enthralled the audience with his energetic compering of the whole proceedings. He […]

Valuable Tips on Muscle Strengthening and CorrectPosture at Nobesity Support Group Meeting #27

Weight loss, especially around the abdominal area, may result in posture change that in turn brings about lower back pain. At the 27th Nobesity Support Group Meeting held on 21st October, expert physiotherapist Dr. Raj Shekhawat shared valuable insights on how exercise and correct posture can help keep the pain at bay. Dr. Shekhawat not […]

Acupressure for Gas, Indigestion and Constipation: Guest Lecture at Nobesity Support Group Meeting #26 on Sunday 30 Sept 2018 by Dr Bhargavi Ben, Expert Acupressure Practitioner.

It is our pleasure being committed to conducting regular support group meetings and bringing experts from multiple disciplines to enrich the post bariatric surgery life of our patients. By the way you may be aware that we welcome patients who underwent surgery at other centers too, for our monthly support group meetings which is a […]