Self Healing Skills: Nobesity Support Group Meeting # 15 Update

Self Healing Skills - Nobesity

Consistency of conducting support group meetings every month makes us one of the best Bariatric Surgery Centers in India.

Our 15th consecutive monthly support group meeting last Sunday on 27 Aug 2017 was a great success with about 100 participants in-spite of Paryushan- one of the biggest festivals of Gujarat under celebration parallely.

Our support group meetings are open not only to our patients but also to those operated by other surgeons. The meetings are meant for helping patients to stay on course for long term weight loss and happy post-surgery life.

Our theme this time was Self Healing Skills to overcome our day to day challenges of stress, anxiety, overeating etc. by leveraging the enormous mind power each one of us already have.

Renowned therapist, counselor and life coach Ms Pinkal Bhatt was the Guest Speaker this time who took an engaging session along with Dr Manish Khaitan, Director Nobesity.

The session was engaging and Ms Bhatt taught some vital skills to audience on coping and overcoming the daily stress that influences our overeating that in turn causes weight regain.

Audience participation was very active as usual. The session ended with Q&A.

Ms Pinkal Bhatt explains concept of heal in health

Packed Audience participating in engaging session