Saunth Pak Balls - Immunity Boosting Recipe Nobesity

The Immunity Boosting Recipes Series by Nobesity

Saunth Pak balls (makes 5 balls)

Ginger is well known for treating many digestive and respiratory ailments. It is excellent for common cold, cough and seasonal flu.

Ingredients :

2 tbsp – Bajra flour (pearl millet flour)

2 tsp – saunth powder (dry ginger powder)

3-4 – big mejdoul dates

1/4 tsp – cardamom powder

1/8 tsp – nutmeg powder

1 tbsp – crushed pistachios

Method :

Dry roast bajra flour till it gives roasted aroma. Let it cool. Wash and dry the dates. Mash it nicely. Mix saunth powder and roasted bajra flour. Add cardamom and nutmeg powder. Add mashed dates and mix it well. Make small balls and roll it in crushed pistachios. Enjoy!

Variations :

Amaranth or wheat or jowar or ragi flour can be used instead of bajra flour.

Note :

You can increase the amount of saunth if you like spicy ginger flavor.