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The City of Ahmedabad

Ahmedabad offers advanced treatment and healthcare facilities at moderate costs even when compared to many other Indian cities.Ahmedabad offers advanced treatment and healthcare facilities at moderate costs even when compared to many other Indian cities.

Eat Well Eat Heathy: Nobesity Support Group Meeting # 12

Our team was proud and excited about conducting 12th consecutive monthly support group meeting on Sunday 30 April 2017. Consistency of staying engaged and enthusastic participation of all patients every month makes us one of the best Support Group Programs. Our support group meetings are open not only to our patients but also to those […]

Sleep Well to Beat Obesity

If nutrition and exercise are regarded as the two key elements of effective weight management, the third key factor is sleep, whose role is often ignored. Short sleep results in increased craving for high sugar and processed foods. It also causes lethargy and thus decreased expenditure of energy. Interestingly, average number of sleep hours among […]

Positive Impact of Bariatric Surgery on Kidneys: A Swedish Study Findings

There is no denying the grave impact of obesity on the body. Cardiovascular diseases, type 2 diabetes, cancer, joint pain, depression, sexual impairment etc. are only some of the risks that an obese person is susceptible to. One of the complexities that could arise from any of these co-morbidities is chronic kidney disease, and in […]

I am proud I had weight-loss surgery!

An inspiring story shared by one of the Bariatric Surgery Patients: It’s a family gathering. You walk into the room. It’s the first time they are seeing you post-surgery. Their faces register surprise and then the lips curl into smiles. But, you can see the disdain lurking in those eyes. They whisper, yet the words […]

Treat Obesity to Treat Arthritis

Those who have experienced joint pain will know how traumatic it is and how joint pain can take complete control of one’s life. From long-distance travel to basic movement, one’s lifestyle is severely compromised due to joint ache. One of the most common causes of joint ache is Obesity. Excess weight is a strain upon […]

Nobesity Wins Zee Award

  Nobesity Receiving Zee Award from CM and Dy CM Gujarat, India Nobesity Interview at Zee Award Ceremony on 4 Sep 2017   Zee Young Achievers Gujarat 2017 Award was presented to Nobesity on 4th Sept at Ahmedabad by Mr Vijay Rupani Chief Minister of Gujarat and Mr Nitin Patel Deputy Chief Minister of Gujarat. […]

Liposuction vs Bariatric Surgery

Liposuction and Bariatric Surgery are two very different surgeries. Each is meant to achieve two vastly different purposes. Liposuction is a body shaping surgery that improves the cosmetic appearance of the target area. It does not result is significant weight loss nor does it resolve co-morbidities of obesity like diabetes. Bariatric surgery reduces caloric intake […]

Risks of Pregnancy in Obese Women and the Scientific Solution

Many women of child bearing age undergo Bariatric Surgery at Nobesity to be able to get pregnant and have motherhood free of complications. Infertility and Obesity are very closely linked. And secondly, pregnancy in obese women is much riskier than normal-weight conception. A study by University of Edinburgh published in British Journal of Obstetrics and […]

BLiSS Masterclass by Nobesity Concludes Successfully

Our first BLiSS (Bariatric Leadership in Surgical Skills) training program for Surgeons interested in learning the nuances of Bariatric Surgery concluded successfully last weekend at Nobesity Ahmedabad. The 2 day workshop by Dr Manish Khaitan showcased 12 Bariatric Surgeries to candidates from across India with special emphasis on Gastric Bypass, its techniques and bio mechanics. […]