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Acupressure for Gas, Indigestion and Constipation: Guest Lecture at Nobesity Support Group Meeting #26 on Sunday 30 Sept 2018 by Dr Bhargavi Ben, Expert Acupressure Practitioner.

It is our pleasure being committed to conducting regular support group meetings and bringing experts from multiple disciplines to enrich the post bariatric surgery life of our patients. By the way you may be aware that we welcome patients who underwent surgery at other centers too, for our monthly support group meetings which is a […]

Spine Care in focus at Nobesity Support Group Meeting #24

Weight loss especially around the abdominal area eases the strain on the lower back muscles. But, because these muscles and the spine have been under stress possibly for many years, it is natural to feel tension in that area. Additionally, urban lifestyle which involves long hours of sitting compounds the lower back issue. Thus, Ms […]

Double Dhamaka at Nobesity Support Group Meeting #23

Having two expert speakers and doubling the benefit to our support group attendees was the highlight of our 23rd consecutive support group meeting last Sunday. We hold these highly interactive meetings every month on the last Sunday. Ms Bhargavi Ben, an acupressure expert spoke of how acupressure helps relieve some of the chronic problems such […]

110 Kgs to 74kgs: Ms Devki Shares Her Success at Nobesity Support Group Meeting #21

Losing 36 kilos and painful cormobidity within 9 months of Bariatric surgery is an incredible feeling by itself. Dr Khaitan answering questions However, what sets Devki’s joyful journey apart is her ability to articulate her experiences, public speaking skills and her willingness to share her story selflessly for others’ benefit. An engaging session by multi-faceted […]

I Regularly Attend Nobesity’s Support Groups Each Month

I regularly attend Nobesity’s support groups each month. I am 45 years old married mother having 2 kids. I have been fighting with my obesity (132 kgs) since past 6 years. I have had knee replacement for my arthritis. I had high blood pressure, GERD, and snoring. I was feeling tired very soon & depressed. […]

A New Journey Of My Life

I am 40 years old male. Due to my faulty eating patterns I reached to 210 kgs. in last 8-10 years & was unable to walk, facing difficulty in doing day to day work, unable to play sports etc., though I was very good sportsman earlier. Finally, I decided to undergo a weight loss surgery […]