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Manage Emotions to Manage Weight: Nobesity Bariatric Surgery Support Group Meeting #32

Obesity comes with significant emotional and psychological stress. Bariatric surgery, by enabling sustained weight loss, corrects most negative emotions harbored by patients for lifetime such as depression, low confidence and low self esteem due to obesity. However, some patients after Bariatric surgery too may feel a different type of emotional stress as they disassociate themselves […]

Putting Protein in Diet at Nobesity Support Group Meeting #31

The right nutrition is a key aspect of post-surgery care for every bariatric patient. And, protein is the cornerstone of a well-balanced and healthy diet. It forms the building blocks of muscle and helps keep one satiated for a long period. The 31st Nobesity Support Group Meeting on 3rd March was devoted to incorporating the […]

18 Bariatric Surgeries In One Stretch

Team Nobesity operated 18 patients with morbid obesity in a single stretch with no compromise on patient safety, and all 18 were discharged within 48 hours after surgery without any post-operative problems. Their smiles are our satisfaction and we are happy and proud that we could serve so many patients at a time. Watch our […]

Detox Diet and other Healthy Recipes at Nobesity Support Group Meeting #29

Celebrity chef Ms Hina Gautam is not new to Nobesity support group. Detox diet menus. Breakfast blends, Probiotic drinks, Energizing smoothies. And cleansing diet were the focus of discussion at the 29thNobesity Support Group Meeting on 30th Dec. Ms Hina Gautam shared many recipes and tips to help optimizing diet and sustaining weight-loss naturally. Nobesity […]