110 Kgs to 74kgs: Ms Devki Shares Her Success at Nobesity Support Group Meeting #21

110 kgs to 74 kgs through Bariatric Surgery

Losing 36 kilos and painful cormobidity within 9 months of Bariatric surgery is an incredible feeling by itself.

Dr Khaitan answering questions

However, what sets Devki’s joyful journey apart is her ability to articulate her experiences, public speaking skills and her willingness to share her story selflessly for others’ benefit.

An engaging session by multi-faceted Ms Devki Vaishnav: a lawyer, chef, teacher and Nobesity alumnus who underwent Bariatric Surgery 9 months ago, was the key agenda of our 21st Support Group Meeting last Sunday.

120+ attendees, that included many of our post surgery winners as well as

those considering Bariatric Surgery, appreciated Devki’s high caliber presentation full of nuggets and insights such as:

Everyone can win says Devki

– What helped her sail through pre and post surgery journey
– How others can gain from her experience
– What mistakes she made along the way
– How to make the journey interesting
– Her dream weight goal and progress

Dr Manish Khaitan (Director Nobesity) joined Devki at times to answer specific queries from the audience. The session was one of the liveliest and most interactive we have conducted so far.


Audience Appreciating Devki’s Secrets of Success

Team Nobesity thanks Ms Devki for incredible presentation and motivation to all for taking informed decisions for healthy living.

Remember: As proven by studies, those who attend support group meetings do better sustaining weight loss compared to those who don’t. Ensure that you don’t miss our monthly support group meetings held on last Sunday of every month. For pre-registration, pl call +91 84444 94444

Befor Surgery and After